Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rolfing Session 6 and Autumn Pain

As happens each fall, my body is reacting to the colder weather by stiffening and aching.  However, after a few months of rolfing sessions and my new, higher lift for my shoe I am noticing the pain is different.

Typically I would experience pain in my upper right back and neck.  There is a small amount of stiffness there, but no more than all summer.  Though that area has not become painful the lower left area of  my back has.  This is not an area where I typically have much pain, ever, so it has me concerned.  After my pre-session evaluation today I was reassured because, whereas the pain is unusual and uncomfortable, there is noticeable lengthening in my lower spine! 

My other area of pain at this time is still minimal compared to what it was last winter, but any hip bursitis is too much for me.  Last winter was the first time I experienced it, and I was hoping it was gone for good with all the therapy I am doing.  We worked with the hips today and, hopefully, I can lie on that side tonight without discomfort.

Today we did nothing "new."  Our focus was on correcting areas to minimize pain and on more with the center line.  Though I have not noticeably taller after sessions I am also no longer shrinking between them. 

I have 3 weeks to the next session.  Cold, wet fall weather is settling into the region and threatening to settle into my soft tissue, too.  My goal during this time is to stretch at least a little each night and try to minimize the fear of the pain.

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