Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Still Around

Winter is an interesting time. I find that days and weeks literally disappear. I realized today that it is March, and am not really sure where January and February went! Much of it is due to keeping busy with children and the seemingly endless array of winter storms, but I know now that pain is a major factor.

When you hurt and, like me, become very good at ignoring it your days become a blur. You do what you have to do and occasionally realize that the world is continuing around you. From time to time I realize it is happening, but feel helpless to do anything about it. Even resting can be a challenge when lying down becomes uncomfortable after about 8 hours.

With EDS if you fall or even just slip then you are risking soft tissue damage. One doctor described it to me as microscopic tears in the muscles and ligaments. Once this small damage occurs the pain can set in, and without lots of sleep and rest your tissue is going to take longer to heal. What a catch 22 that to heal you must rest but resting is so uncomfortable you must get up and move, thus leading to potentially more damage! Let alone the fact that your collagen is genetically damaged and it takes longer for your body to heal (even with rest).

Laughing at the irony is sometimes my only defense.