Monday, October 15, 2007

Yoga Therapy

Some of you might think I am a bit crazy but I am really enjoying yoga therapy! I did not know what to expect, but now that I am in the midst of it I really like it.

Most people know yoga as stretching. I knew it as stretching, strength, and breathing. I now know it has a meditation and healing side as well. My therapist, Mary, is trained in using the Chakras for healing. Chakras are the seven energy points formed by our own energy (or conciousness) according to ancient teachings. She is helping me to balance my Chakras through meditation, mantras, and relaxation. If you want an idea about all of this, try this youtube link for a video of Yogi Bhajan: .

I am, today, 18 days into a 40 day cycle. So far I am not experiencing less pain but am finding that I am managing it better. I am more relaxed and more aware of what is going on around me, especially more aware of what triggers the discomfort. The breathing exercises really have helped - especially when my shoulder brace broke and several days later I was in so much pain I went to the hospital. I find that I am now more inclined to slow down and relax instead of becoming tense and upset. I know this is just a start and there is much more for me to learn and try, but if all I get out of the therapy is the ability to manage the discomfort and pain without resorting to pain killers, then it is definitely worth it!!