Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Fall

I fell again yesterday. This time I landed on the inside of my left knee and managed to damage not only that knee but the ankle, hip, left hand and elbow. I thought I didn't hurt too much this morning, but became light-headed at work and was sent home by the nurse. I see my doctor in about a half an hour to see if I did more than just bruise and to figure out what to do about the pain.

Wow, I hurt! I braced my ankle to try to stabilize my knee and hip (since my latest new knee brace slips after less than an hour of wear). I am limping a bit straighter, at least. If I sit too long my back hurts. If I stand my leg, especially the knee, hurts. Lying down causes all of the joints wrenched in the fall to throb. Any suggestions?

I have also started writing about EDS (as well as other topics). I had this need to spread the word, and was accepted as a writer for an online magazine called Suite101. You can read my EDS articles (yes! I'm a published author!) here:

and here: