Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is My Favorite Season

I always look forward to summer. The flowers are blooming, trees fully leaved, and the days nice and warm. Perhaps it is the warmth I look forward to the most.

Heat helps my joints feel better. The lack of shivering also gives my muscles a chance to heal from the damage of winter. I can exercise more because I feel better, which, in turn, makes me feel even better.

I haven't had a major joint episode since my elbow last year, though my left shoulder gave me a scare about a month ago. Luckily, since it is getting warmer, I can exercise the joint more and strengthen it before I have a full dislocation.

I'm looking forward to my next visit with my EDS specialist. I have several new oddities that I want to discus with him to find out if they are EDS related. One is an occasional extreme headache, not a migraine but seriously painful, that is occurring about once every 2 months. The other is a bizarre hive-like rash that will occasionally appear and disappear a few hours later. I am wondering if my skin allergies are related to EDS (since my skin is very much a result of EDS) and if there is anything I can do besides live in a hypoallergenic bubble :)

Now, to go enjoy exercising in the warming weather and get these joints of mine ready for next winter!


Lost In Pain said...

I too always dread the cold weather! I keep saying that I want to move somewhere that has little or no winter season, and preferably an arid climate as well, because it would be SO much better for my health problems. But unfortunately since I am financially dependent on my family due to disability, I am stuck where I am for the time being... they LOVE our climate and have no desire to move :-(

SheGetitFromHerMomma said...

I feel you on that one! I hate the winter, I loathe it. I will always tell people that and they don't know why I hate it so bad... I was just diagnosed last week. I started a a lot of people with EDS. Please share mine as I hope to help make a change like everyone with EDS. It is a part of me that I have to accept and I am working through the coping process by blogging. I am in the medical sales field ironically, but I think I really can help some people.