Friday, June 22, 2012

Second Rolfing Session - Walking

Yesterday's big event was my second Rolfing session, and I am still loving it!

This appointment's focus was on how I walk. 

We started by evaluating how well my newly lifted shoes level my hips.  Not only are my hips more level than when I walked in for my first appointment, but she told me I am moving more normally than 3 weeks ago.  Then we moved to my feet.

Looks like, in this situation, EDS is a benefit.  The joints between the carpals, the small bones in the foot, are very flexible.  She was able to easily get them moving, which was a little scary at first since I have slipped some of these joints before.  We worked with what it feels like to move the foot properly as if walking, then she moved on to my legs and hips.

One of my legs likes to turn out.  Through deep tissue massage she turned it in and helped me to feel how it should face forward.  This also involved the hips and teaching my coccyx, or tail, that it is separate from the hips.

Then, I got up and walked.

It is strange that I now understand what I've been told for years about, "walk on the outside of your foot."  It involves a lot of rolling of the foot, bending of the knees, movement in the hips.  And, I didn't fall!

As I've aged I've become more scared of falling.  In my defense, falling has resulted in much bruising, subluxations, and dislocations.  It hurts a lot!  The body's natural reaction is to defend against this, but it does it by limiting or eliminating natural movement.  This, in turn, causes more instability and can actually cause more falls.  A vicious cycle. 

I would not have believed anyone if I was told that to minimize pain I had to learn to walk again.


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Thank you, thank you for your blog. I've obviously had EDS my whole life, but just recently received the diagnosis (hypermobilty type) and am trying to make sense of it all. I'm only 27 (and on my own) and life adjustments are difficult for me. I've enjoyed reading what has and has not worked for you. Hopefully I'll find my way soon, as well!